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Hey guys, just thought I would give you a quick update. We have partnered with Amazon to select a comprehensive range of photography equipment from their site that ideally suits the pro and semi-pro photographer.

We have built a quick and scruffy camera shops here, don’t judge us on our web design capabilities, judge us on the value we bring to the photography community in the UK 🙂

p.s. Don’t forget you can add your site to our photography directory for free.

p.p.s. Also don’t forget to share with your friends using the buttons below if you found this site of value. We REALLY appreciate you helping us grow so that it is worth our time to improve the services that we can offer you.

p.p.p.s. Coming in 2012, total website redesign with features you will absolutely love.

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A keen photographer who wants to help fellow photographers get the jobs and information that they need.
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