Camera Coptors

Camera coptors as the latest tools in the cameramans arsenal to capture great pictures.

We are starting to see a move from purely military applications to more civilian pastimes for these ingenious devices.

Although still expensive they are becoming cheaper and it’s easy to see their appeal. They provide a gyroscope’d smooth ride for camera equipment high in the sky where even a helicopter wouldn’t be able to go. All controlled from the safety of remote control.

Check out this video from Omstudios who built their own camera copter to carry a RED movie camera (quite awesome in itself, used by directors such as James Cameron & Peter Jackson) safely in the air.

If you want to try out the idea we found a few low end examples over at amazon. They won’t carry your DSLR but they have built in cameras that will take video. They will give you a great trial run to see if this technology might be for you.

  • Infrared, high-grade metallic helicopter
  • In-built gyroscope ensures flight stability and hover control
  • 3 channel manoeuvrability options: up/down, forward, left/ right
  • In-built 1:3 megapixel camera
  • Customisable camera angle

Camera Helicoptor

If you want the advanced versions then you are looking at a minimum of £3500 at the moment. 2012/13 might see prices come down.

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