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Where do our photography jobs come from?

photography jobs imagePhotography jobs come in many shapes which is why we use a feed service that shows photography jobs from the best UK job boards all in one place. Find the best photographer jobs today.

Some photography jobs are freelance and others will be a permanent position. Whichever type you are after we have you covered. little job hunting robots will go out and find them all for you.

You can also add your business to our photography directory here for free, although you will need to provide a link back to us in return. We will check before authorising your entry.

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Photography Jobs & How to Get More Offers

Steve Boyle gives us his take on getting more photography jobs. Well worth a listen from a talented photographer.

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Camera Shops Live on Photography Site

Hey guys, just thought I would give you a quick update. We have partnered with Amazon to select a comprehensive range of photography equipment from their site that ideally suits the pro and semi-pro photographer.

We have built a quick and scruffy camera shops here, don’t judge us on our web design capabilities, judge us on the value we bring to the photography community in the UK 🙂

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p.p.p.s. Coming in 2012, total website redesign with features you will absolutely love.

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